Big Wind and Big Weather at Cove Point

Big winds and cold water on the Pax 

Into the Air at Cove Point

Afternoon on Cove Point 

Light winds beautiful Light at Cove Point

Storm Surf at Cove Point

A perfect evening at Cove Point

First Light Dawn Patrols at Cove Point


Christmas Eve on the Pax

Easy evening at The Cove

Starting out 2021 on the Pax

Millstone on the Pax

Golden Light at Cove Point

Solomons on Pax River-1

Big Winds Fresh Legs on the Pax

Solomons on Pax River-3

Solomons on Pax River-2

Rough Day at a Rough Cove Point

The Gang is back on the Pax

Chaos and Carnage at Cove Point!

Windsurfing the East Side!

Pax River Wind Foil 


The perfect wind of north at The Cove

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