“For me, it is a pursuit of what makes photography great. The Pursuit of Light. The element that pulls a photo together. There for a moment, at times a moment, is all that’s needed.”    

   My pursuit has taken me across the oceans and around the world. From the mountains I grew up in to exploring far away countries. Climbing the summits of high peaks, kayaking jade green seas, and trekking through desert canyons. I love going into new and remote places, my camera in hand not knowing what’s ahead. Waiting for that special moment to happen. 

“I like to tell a story, put people right where I am. Allow them to feel exactly what I felt at that special moment.”  

   A career in the Navy has given me the opportunity to expand as a photographer. The photos are a rare and special glimpse into what we do. “I wanted to find a rare beauty not only in the light, but within the danger of our duties. Making action last forever!

   I have worked extensively in harsh and demanding environments around the world in all conditions. Frozen mountain summits, remote desert canyons, stormy seas and the flight decks onboard Navy ships show not only the versatility of my work, but m adaptability to the environment as well.  My scope of photography covers both film as well as digital formats. 

Cell: 619-518-2265
Email: goxmango@gmail.com
Facebook: Steve.Wolff.779
Instagram: stevofreeride

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